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Submit Operator

The REStake bot will automatically re-stake your rewards. To do this, you need to submit your operator address to the Validator Registry.

Fork and clone the Validator Registry

Update the Validator Registry to include your operator data for auto-compounding on any desired networks.

Fork the Validator Registry repository.

Clone the Validator Registry repository fork.

git clone<your-github-user-name>/

Create a new directory for your validator:

mkdir <your-validator-name>
cd <your-validator-name>

Create the file chain.json

sudo nano chains.json

Add the following block


"$schema": "../chains.schema.json",
"name": "<your_validator_name>",
"chains": [
"name": "sentinel",
"address": "<your_validator_sentvaloper_address>",
"restake": {
"address": "<your_restake_operator_address>",
"run_time": "every 1 hour",
"minimum_reward": 1000000

Create the file profile.json

sudo nano profile.json

Add the following block


"$schema": "../profile.schema.json",
"name": "<your_validator_name>",
"identity": "<your_16_digit_keybase_identity>"

Push to the origin and create a pull request adding a commit message