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Sentinel dVPN Node Setup Guide


If you want to contribute to the Sentinel network and share your bandwidth you can set up a dVPN node that utilizes the Sentinel protocol. Every node owner can set their own price for customers using their bandwidth. Of course it’s up to the user to decide which node they will use as their dVPN. In order to setup a dVPN node some basic Linux experience will come in handy, however the process it pretty easy to follow. We recommend to have at least 100 DVPN in your node account. This is needed, as a tiny amount is used to make a transaction to the blockchain letting it know your node is still online.

There are currenty 5 ways to get started with setting up a dVPN node:

dVPN Node Owners Groups

If you are operating a dVPN node and require assistance, we invite you to become a part of the following groups.